Since visitors to this site have almost certainly arrived here by accident, or are lost, this page is here to give you some background info.

You will notice that this site has a strong anti-pornography theme! I have become alarmed at the proliferation of pornography in our society, since I believe it undermines the status of women, and places us at increased risk of discrimination, harrassment and sexual violence. I have therefore begun to campaign against the sex and pornography industries (albeit on a very small scale!) and so I have placed on this site some links to my favourite campaign groups and individual co-conspirators.

Due to the especial threat to women, I have also felt obliged to break the habit of a lifetime and join a Women's Group. Well, three in fact, which shows just how serious the situation has become. The feminists need support, and decent people of both genders should stand up and fight with them. On this site I have included a page with my favourite feminist links. You will notice the pointed absence of links to any pro-porn "feminist" groups who argue that pornography is free speech and empowers women. This is utter tosh. I believe that the women who front these groups work for the sex and pornography industries, and are paid to counter opposition from the women's movement. May their breast implants shrivel.

Two pages of this site are devoted to academic studies on the effects of pornography consumption on women, children and on men. These provide hard evidence that pornography is not harmless, as so many people like to claim, but is doing immense damage to many of us, and to our society and culture. On another page I have published my current boycott list. This is a list of stores local to my area that I used to use, but which I no longer patronise because they have annoyed me, usually by selling porn or displaying sexist imagery. Please note, that I define lads magazines as porn, because they are. The rest of the site is devoted to various odds and ends which seemed like a good idea at the time.