Boycott List

WH Smiths

For selling pornography and Playboy goods. For claiming that their policy of displaying adult magazines at a height of 5 feet and above protects children, when 5 feet is at about eye level for an eleven year old boy. And for not even bothering to adhere to their own policy, particularly in branches at airports and railway stations.

Virgin Megastore

For selling pornography


For selling pornography


For selling pornography, and for having the gall to think that a 10 voucher would make up for it


For selling pornography and for being the only store I have complained to that had the cheek to claim "we do not sell pornography"


For selling pornography and not even having the courtesy to answer my complaint

House of Fraser

For selling Playboy goods, and being another store that does not have the courtesy to answer complaints


For selling Playboy goods


For sexist advertising. They did provide a very polite and concerned letter in response to my complaint, but still repeated the offence.

All newsagents

For selling pornography


For selling pornography. I do buy my petrol from them though, being the best of a bad bunch

All petrol stations (except Sainsburys - needs must)

For selling pornography. Its a sad state of affairs when one cannot find a single petrol station that does not peddle misogyny. Where is our freedom of choice?


For selling pornography and Playboy goods


For selling Playboy goods


For positioning itself as a child friendly store, yet selling pornography. Some other goods are placed on very high shelves, but the magazine racks are no higher than 5 foot, so that the pornographic magazines are at eye level for young boys. How cynical can you get?

Clinton Cards

For selling Playboy goods. Playboy rubbing shoulders with "Forever Friends" seems particularly incongruous. What is buying a Playboy gift for your girlfriend actually saying? "A gift for you - someone I have sex with but do not care about". I thought Clinton Cards was a nicer shop than that.

Marks and Spencers

For selling pornography. Until recently Marks and Spencers had a policy of not stocking pornographic magazines, which they have now reneged on. Not an ethical retailer after all then.